Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

beaten up maid..

whenever the maid comes to the house..rayyan always tries to shut the door on her face..tells her to go away..with his usual 'jaoo jaoo' and then later if he gets hold of a stick,or comes to the kitchen takes a wooden spoon..goes to her and hits her. and the poor maid would tell me 'madam(ya i am madam here! unlike there where i had to call Nisha-madam..he he) nayyaj( i dont knwo why the maid insists on callin him that) mereko maar-ra'[rayyan is hittin me]. she always says that in gud spirit though cos she really likes him.she told me,at home her kids hit her and here nayyaj hits her..LOL

a few days later,

rayyan hit her as usual,but this time decided to tell her 'thorry'. she tells me..'mereko maar ke,sorry bol ra'


u know rayyan..i guess everyone who knows him knows that he loves to 1)shout 2)scold 3)hit...
and the funny thing is even though he does these things,i really dont mind..!i mean where is my 'discipline the kid' urge gone? whenever rayyan does that i actually feel like huggin him instead of scolding him..unless he goes overboard that is..
is it just my kids that are this cute or all the kids like tat?i sometimes wonder....

tissue for his brother...

ammar usually has this sneezin fit..he is allergic to anything and everything..even a blow on his nose(ok that is natural)
so whnever he sneezes i usually tell ammar get a tissue or get one for him.Now rayyan has noticed this and everytime ammar sneezes,he goes 'tishoo,tishoo' and goes and gets it.
sometimes it is crumpled. and ammar,the picky one, goes..'i dont want this,its nt nice'..doesnt know the word crumple yet

a few conversations....(to be added as and whn i remember)

ammar: mamma u need to cut my nails..
ammar: because they are growing up(action with hand though the nails were little boys...!)

a few days back

1)rayyan was hittin his bro( no need to go awwwwww..they both fight and hit each other..hehe).later

ammar: mamma i want to sit with you..otherwise rayyan will hit me'

(now u can go awwwwwww...)

2)rayyan does something to his bro(cant remember what) and he has chocolate/food all over his face. so we tell him to say sorry to ammar and give him a kiss.

he goes to his bro and says 'thorry' and goes to kiss him and ammar shouts' not with ur dirty mouth!'

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A necklace for Mama

Ammar put some beads together (different sizes and colors) and made a necklace for his mama in school. He told his mama "You have to wear it at night and when you go out" as he put it round her neck. He also turned to me apologileticallly and said 'I didnt get you anything, baba". I was thinking to myself, this is probably the most 'valuable' necklace his mama owns and she should treasure this for life. Short Lived Thought! Rayyan pulled the necklace till it broke and the beads fell apart. Mama and Ammar are now trying to put it together....

Ammar's new school

Ammar would be joining a new school 'Kangaroo Kids' ( from June 2008. He joins LKG. Dont forget to read the Parents View section (especially the one where SRK writes as a parent. No, that wasnt the criteria for selecting the school). Ammar said he liked the school (that was a good enoigh criteria for selection)

There are so many options for schooling in Bangalore. These schools also vary in their standards and curriculum. Its difficult or almost impossible to get into one of these schools that have a high rating. In addition, we also need to consider the location (distance from home) of the school (especially at such a young age). The admission forms for these good schools seem to run out in October of the previous year for admissions in June the next year!

Schooling at this age is more about overall development then academics, and so much more about how the kids enjoying the experience of school. Lets hope we have made the right choice.